Dripping mountain, France 2016

10-02-2017 | The things that seemingly don't change.

I often have the urge to go and find the oldest thing around me and touch it.

Even better... to cling on to it.

Maybe its because everything solid around me seems to be falling apart and is starting to float. The world seems to be immaterializing faster and faster and levitating above its own grounds.

That scares me and gives me a heavy feeling in my stomach, which is probably fear...

I am afraid to loose myself. That feels so uncomfortable. And I am amazed how other people seem to long for it. To live in an unreal world. Virtual, not needing your body and not needing your surroundings anymore. Just a manipulated brain.

Perhaps that is why I am attracted to solid, old things. Like things that have stood time. The sea, the mountains, the earth, but also rituals, religion, a soul.

And that is also the reason why I am visiting old mountains they give me comfort and space to land and breathe. These rocks are millions of years old and seemingly laying still in the same spot, moving so slow you cannot see it while the whole world has changed around them in a constant high speed.

I want to cling on to that thing that doesn't change.

Because something inside me recognizes it. And tells me everything is alright.

What is that thing that starts resonating in me when I go and visit these old places?
What is that feeling?
Can I also cling on to it inside myself?