- June 2018 Comission for AMC, Amsterdam, NL

- September 2018 launch new book with Art Paper Editions Gent, BE

- October 2018 Solo Show, Gallery Caroline O'Breen, Amsterdam, NL

- October 2018 Groupshow CBK Groningen, Week v/h Kunstenaarsboek, NL


- June 8 - July 22, 2017
Suspension of Disbelief, Group Show
Caroline O'Breen Gallery, Amsterdam, NL

- June 3 - August 6, 2017
Artists´ Books for Everything, Group show
Centre for Artists Publications Weserburg (D)

- January 2017
Launch new website!

- November 26th 2016
Talk & performance, Seelevel Gallery, Amsterdam, NL

- November 18 - November 27, 2016
Big Art Amsterdam, 2016

- November 12 - December 10, 2016
Duo exhibition, Seelevel Gallery, Amsterdam, NL

- June 16 - August 25, 2016
Artist books presentation, Rijksakademie Library Amsterdam, NL

- 23 June - ongoing
Permanent work for the mental health care department of LUMC leiden, NL

- March 2016
Probe project, solo exhibition, Arnhem, NL

- October 9, 2014 - November 15, 2016
Hanging installation in the Sculpture Hall, LUMC leiden, NL

- November 2015
PuntWG Art space, book launch and solo exhibition, Amsterdam, NL

- September 2015Brummelkamp Gallery AMC, solo exhibition, Amsterdam, NL
- June 20 - September 7,  2015
Kunstvereniging Diepenheim, groupshow Jubileum Tentoonstelling, NL

- July 2015
CEAC gallery, solo exhibition, Xiamen, CN

- March 28 - May 3 2015
The Mirror and Lamp Show, Ton de Boer gallery groupshow, at Buitenplaats Jagtlust 's-Gravenland, NL


Amsterdam based artist Antoinette Nausikaä (NL) uses photography, video and drawings to create projects that have a contemplative and investigative approach.

She works around specific locations, often places where nature and urbanism intertwine. Adopting them as a temporary home and studio she researches how people and things relate to each other and how a balance grows from that relationship. The questions she consistently poses are, What is the balance between man and nature, the sacred and the profane, the eternal and the transient? How do human patterns and relations function within this? Why are we, as humans, attracted to certain places? What is invariable, stable, unchangeable? and most important “Where do I belong in all of this?”

After a working period she often creates a publication and or an installation.

Works have been exhibited nationally and internationally at places such as, Photography Museum Huis Marseille, Amsterdam (NL), Kunstraum Dusseldorf (D), Drawingcenter Diepenheim (NL), Meetfactory gallery Prague (CZ), Rijksakademie Amsterdam (NL), Chinese European Art Center in Xiamen (CN), AMC Brummelkamp gallery Amsterdam (NL), Gallery Caroline O'Breen Amsterdam (NL).


Upcomming Book 'Breathing Mountains'

The past five years Nausikaä has worked on her project; Breathing Mountains. Searching for reflection, concentration and stillness in an increasingly frantic society, she feels that more and more things and events escape her and that life goes its own direction. Thus, the idea was born to observe ancient mountains. Mountains that symbolize stability, calmness, consciousness and solitude; notions that nowadays seem far removed from of our everyday experience. Nausikaä has lived and worked around eight mountains in Europe and Asia, Investigating these silent protagonists in relation to our increasingly busy, complicated and hectic lives.

The mountains that she visited are, Fuji Japan, Olympus Greece, Ararat Turkey/Armenia, The five great mountains; the WuYue in China.

She is currently working on the book around this project with publisher Art Paper Editions in Gent. It will be launched, together with a solo exhibition, at Gallery Caroline O'Breen in Amsterdam end of October 2018.