Observing Culture-Nature

Growing up in a family of aerial photographers I learned from early age how to observe the world around me and to zoom in and out from it. Driven by a personal need to find order, pureness and stillness within a turbulent and rapidly changing world, I'm exploring interconnectedness within our everyday environment. My research takes the form of publications, installations and workshops in wich I want to invite the viewer to slow down and offer a space for reflection on stilness, time, nature and wonder within our everyday fleeting and chaotic environment.

I work on long-term site specific projects in places where nature and culture coincide. It is the harmony between the two that facinates me. In the project Breathing Mountains (2018) I investigated the relation between humans and nature at far away sacred mountains. In my latest project A River Runs Through Me, I have switched focus from unspoilt nature to the city. The ultimate symbol of human civilization.While cities are generally regarded as separated from nature, I am keenly aware of the way the two are inextricably intertwined. Currently I am working on my new artist-book "bird, plane, butterfly".

In 2010 I completed a residency at the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam. Works have been exhibited nationally and internationally. In 2008 I was awarded the "Bouw In Beeld Photography Award", the book Breathing Mountains was nominated "Best Photography Book of the Year" at Photo Espana in 2019. In 2020 I was nominated for "The Somfy Photography Award 2020".

My work is represented by Gallery Caroline O'Breen Amsterdam



Interview over vertragen en stilte voor Bodhitv door Bay Hagebeek

Interview Welikeart

pdf essay for Breathing Mountains by Hans den Hartog Jager writer/curator/art critic/historian

pdf text by Annewieke Vroom philosopher of religion

pdf text by Julia Geerlings curator/writer

pdf text (NL) by Tineke Reijnders writer/historian

pdf openings text (NL) by Joke Hermsen philosopher/writer


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