"Genius Loci", puntWG Amsterdam 2023

About the soul of the Wilhelmina Gasthuis terrain

In this project I was inspired by the unique history of the WG-terrain in Amsterdam, formerly known as the Pesthuis (1630) and Wilhelmina Gasthuis Hospital (1891) and now an artists' community since 1984. For the new installation I explored archive images of the "WG terrain" in the Amsterdam city archives where I got fascinated by the timeless connection and interaction between the patients and the natural tranquil environment of the terrain. Where time seems to stand still. Using the archival images and reflecting on them with my own observations and experiences on the terrain, I merged together historical fragments with my photography and ceramic drawings.

Alongside the presentation I organized a “Contemplative Walk” around the WG grounds in which I invited the participants to look at their everyday environment with an open and observational view in search of the historical remains and the "Soul of the terrain". "The Genius Loci".

Genius Loci was a duo exhibition with Lotte van Geijn (NL).