A River Runs Through Me, Paris 2020


Presentation at Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam.
Nominee for the Somfy Photography Award 2020.

In A River Runs Through Me, Antoinette Nausikaä has switched focus from unspoilt nature to the city, the ultimate symbol of human civilization. While cities are generally regarded as separated from nature, Nausikaä is keenly aware of the way the two are inextricably intertwined. She has chosen Paris as her field of operations. The protagonist is the river Seine - the cities main artery. Paris owes its history, culture, infrastructure and viability to the river.

Nausikaä followed the Seine from its source right down to Le Havre, where it flows into the sea. The resulting work contrasts the timeless character of the river with the rapid pace of human existence. 

It's a three dimensional installation comprising not only photographs, but also drawings and clay sculptures substracted form the stones of riverbanks of the Seine depicting ancient fossils and contemporary human traces. 

The clay plates were made during an artist in residency at Cite International des Arts in Paris where she made prints from ancient fossils that are hidden in the the quai of the river Seine.

Exhibition text: Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam






Making ceramic prints on location at the river Seine, Paris 2020