Circle, Triangle, Square, Sengai Gibon (1751–1837)

The Universe

Circle, Sengai Gibon (1751–1837)

Eat this and have a cup of tea.

Translation by D.T. Suzuki
The Meditating Frog, Sengai Gibon (1751–1837)

If a man becomes a Buddha by practising zazen...
(a frog though I am, I should have been one long ago)

Translation by D.T. Suzuki
The Spoon, Sengai Gibon (1751–1837)

Whether for Life, whether for death,
(depends on this doctor's spoonful)
Fuji, Sengai Gibon (1751–1837)

Looking up, the heavens are seen extending;
Looking down, the earth is seen stretched,
Both to the farthes ends of the horizon!
Beyond, there shines a white pearl,
The only one, and no second!

Hotei, Sengai Gibon (1751-1837)

How old are you, dear moon?

The Bridge at Mama, Hakuin Ekaku (1686-1769)

Hito, kyojo yori sugureba
Hashi wa nagarete mizu wa nagarezu.

When the man crosses the bridge
The bridge flows and the water stands still