In this publication I am exploring the relation between humans and the timeless caracter of pure nature, while making a journey around The Five Great Sacred Mountains Of China, (The Wuyue). The mountains form a famous Taoist pilgrim route that has been the subject of imperial pilgrimage by emperors throughout ages. They are associated with the supreme God of Heaven and the five main cosmic deities of Chinese traditional religion.

The title "First Moments Of Things I Saw", also refers to the very simple ink drawings that were used by Zen monks to represent or evoke a direct experience in the viewer. The physical intimacy of reflecting on my environment with drawings while I am actually on the location is an important addition to my observational photography, where there is always a camera between myself and the environment.

Drawings and photography

Design Antoinette Nausikaä - C-Platform

Edition 250

Pages 240

Self published, Xiamen 2015

Numbered and signed

First moments of things I saw, Xiamen 2015