I grew up in a family where all family members are aerial photographers. As a child I sat in the back of my parents’ plane, watching them shooting photographs. They often flew for hours circling around one specific location, on different heights, zooming in and zooming out, approaching it from a variety of perspectives. This way a kind of helicopter-perspective was formed. My own investigative way of working probably has its roots there in my youth.

In my life and work I am fascinated by the universal themes of our human existence, especially our awareness, thoughts and behavior in relation to identity, existence in time and space. My works are the results of my searches and attempts to understand and reflect on our “invisible” relationships with our surroundings. In this I investigate, situations and patterns around me and in addition I am asking questions like: ‘What am I seeing and experiencing right now?’, ‘How do I relate to the world?’, ‘What is eternal?’.

Projects emerge from working periods around specific locations, often places where nature and city intertwine. Adopting them as a temporary home and studio. In a later stage I make presentations in the form of installations and publications.

Since 2010 I have been working on a project around sacred mountains in Europe and Asia, examining the current expressiveness and timelessness of these ancient places, especially the interaction of the eternal character of the mountains towards our ephemeral and fleeting life around it. Currently I’m working on a book about this project.